Tuesday, March 3, 2009

White Album episode 9

Touya can learn the "Law of diminishing returns".

Our favorite Hero to hate strikes again, this time he's being the same Casanova that he usually is... A Casa fucking Nova. I don't know the reason why Girls flock to get a piece of the shithead, but whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that he is dumb. For all the time Touya spent making costumes and the subsequent alienation from Yuki, Misaki shows her true colors this episode and declares it all a lie and that she only used Touya and she doesn't feel an ounce of love towards him. This of course shocks Touya, who had no choice but to GTFO, leaving Akira to salvage the scrap heap called Misaki's phail.

Now that he's regretting all he did, maybe, just maybe Touya will stop this shit and go back to Yuki. Though personally I've been more a Misaki fan than of Yuki before this, but it's evident that even such a thick-skinned guy like Touya got hurt by her revelation... So that puts Misaki out of contention at the meantime. Too bad, because in the moments before that, I thought Misaki had a solid chance of getting it, but the truth hurts, eh?

On a side note, Yuki's situation is no better. She's obviously a rising star, so she won't be able to be the perfect girlfriend for Touya. We've seen countless instances in this series, so whatever's between them is a de facto dead end. This leaves Touya with Rina (an established star with even less time), Haruka (a certified damaged good with no prospect of providing a decent relationship), Mana (a brat who's is simply not fit for him) and Yayoi (the seductive doll who has the best chances among them) Wait a minute, didn't I just mention 4 girls? Plus 2, that makes 6 girls? So Touya's been playing with 6 girls. SIX GIRLS!?

To hell with Touya, I've got Zero! watching him kiss 2 girls in one sitting makes me sick (with envy of course)

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