Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shikabane Hime Kuro episode 8

Ouri's a dead man.
By the looks of it, he is, in more ways than one. First, he's already dead. That little backstory about him being picked up from a pile of corpses is the only useful piece of plot advancement in this episode. Second, if he ain't a corpse, someone's out to kill him to cut Makina off his rune. Either way, Ouri's dead. No matter how others may try to rescue him, it seems that Ouri's a target for danger.

With the war between the Kougon and Shichisei reaching the boiling point, both sides (or maybe the just the Kougon) resolve to destroy the other decisively. The shichisei are still wishy-washy and are still reluctant to send out their unstable superweapon, Hokuto. Anyway, unstable weapons are best left unused, especially when they are not capable of controlling it. They themselves said it, that thing is beyond what they are, corpses. Makina's keeping her busy to no avail, as she stuck in the cycle of getting pwned and recovering ad infinitum at Ouri's expense.

All in all, this episode is not that outstanding. We only get one important hint about Ouri's identity while the other scenes were typical shounen lore. I've seen too much KuroKami-style avatar-fighter-relationships. This ain't anything new, and I would like to see more Makina pwnage than Makina getting pwned.

Stay tuned.

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