Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eden of the east episode 5

More phones and a bully

So more phones are revealed, IX and XI, and they are bound to complicate the still hazy situation. As usual, these phone bearers spend 10 billion yen as they please. However, this episode shows that they more or less act independently and any contact among them is marginal at most. Understandable, since the game is like a race to save the nation.

Anyway, we can discuss about the phone bearers in the following weeks, but I would like to talk about Saki right now. Turns out that her entire interview was just a ruse and she just got punked by a group of immature kids in suits. There’s this show in MTV called Bully Beatdown in which people like Mr .Beef Bowl and his groupies are taught a lesson about NOT bullying people by letting them fight against MMA fighters. I just mentioned this because it’s about time this douchebag and all his office lady cohorts be locked inside a cage with none other than WANDERLEI FUCKING SILVA and get their asses beat. 5 on 1, 6 on 1 no problem. The AXE MURDERER will fucking axe murder those mini-skirt and heels-armed office ladies and their boss. Oh how I love the sight of those pumps flying off after their legs get hit by a Muay Thai low kick delivered by non other than the 6-year PRIDE middleweight champion … Losing streak? Bring in Shogun Rua! Bottom line: No one punks my poor Saki.

I dunno, but I watched the entire episode fantasizing about molesting XI and kicking her against the wall while pointing an M16 rifle at her at the same time, saying “Don’t fuck with me, bitch!” At the first sight, I hated the bitch. She has evil written across her face. Motives and voice, all evil. Her scenes at the dinner table and the final scene reek of evil intent. Better lock her up in a cage as well, this time, against Vitor Belfort, for a quick K.O. NYAARRRRR!!!!

Stay tuned.

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