Friday, May 8, 2009

A newfound love for transistor radios.

I have the same exact model as this one.

I recently "unearthed" an old Sanyo RP 5050 transistor radio while looking for some stuff, so I did what I do best and got it running again. I remember my grandmother using this radio whenever she drops by my house, but I haven't seen the radio itself for a couple of years, so finding it is a pleasant surprise.

Though the FM band is already defective, I didn't mind, as I don't listen to it anyway. What I listen to is the AM band. I found it surprising that AM radio is still very much alive here. I thought that they were a dying breed because of the interwebs, but it seems that they are still as fiery as they were 10 or 20 years ago. And no, I don't feel like an old person listening to it. It's just refreshing for someone as internet-based as I am to "find out" that the airwaves are still there.

Now I am no longer getting my fix listening to AM radio, so I'm getting interested in Shortwave. Trying to listen to stations broadcast from other countries is interesting...



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