Thursday, May 14, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - 06

I really liked Alicia’s facial expressions; by just looking at them I’m entertained already. I think her facial expressions are the only thing interesting in this episode because it was spent mostly by Ellet trying to get an interview with Welkin. I still think that last episode was better because of the action and character developments. I don’t know if this is still loyal to the game but I think this episode was made for the sole purpose of introducing Ellet and extending the series so that it’ll reach to 26, what a waste. Next episode looks interesting, it looks like Welkin/Faldio hugging Alicia and another possible couple (Isara & Lamar). To be honest I don’t quite like Faldio, I kept getting a feeling that he’s a bad guy in a good guy’s costume.

Since last week I wasn’t able to post #5 I’ll say this here…don’t you find Selvaria hot? She’s hotter than Alicia but I still like Alicia better. Ah, I also forgot to mention that Marina Inoue’s voice is also entertaining and now, I’m a fan already.

I hope the next episode won’t disappoint me and I hope they should get on with the story.
until then...

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