Friday, May 1, 2009

Chain: the lost footprints review

Rating: A

In the past few days, I've been playing this ero-game called Chain, which is technically not a game, as all you do is click and watch. So far so good, the storyline is great. Hard-boiled detective investigates cases which link to one another and explores the depths of depravity while at it. Other reviews were spot on. This "visual novel" is the closest eroges' can be to the film noir genre. Yes, the plot is its strong suit. Most (if not all characters) are well rounded. Character development rivals my Hall of Fame games like Crescendo.

There are many potential developments per character, but first and foremost, this is a hardcore crime story. I know that style of fiction where all ladies have very interesting stories behind them. Everyone, from the high school friend who gets cheated on by her husband, the sidekick who used to be your superior but now serves you faithfully, the bartender who looks up to you for all these years, the daughter of your mentor who you cannot resist, the hostess who lives serving liquor to salarymen, and the lady who was "forced" by her man to have sex with other men as a way to distribute drugs -- everyone has a story between them and the hero and it's best to just enjoy the story as it unfolds. Personally though, I favor the drug dealing woman and the hostess' (well she (they?) do(es) not have a story per se, I just like the character(s) and wished that they were developed much more. What's her name again, Misako? and Megumi?) stories. They both have the aura of...whatever. It's better to fuck tragic girl

While I'm singing praises about the plot, which was really well written. It's hard to compare this to any other eroge in the sense that Chain isn't exactly a romantic tale per se. The sex is more passionate than romantic and the hero reminds you more of James Bond fused with the DNA of Sherlock Holmes and that guy from Animatrix. Every girl is "beautiful" in some angles, (Excet Ayumu) but I think they should fire the guy who did frontal shots. Take the example of the lady who distributed the drugs... She looked great from an angle holding the wine glass, but it wasn't as good in her "dialouge" illustrations. If you know eroges, you'll know.

Gameplay wise, didn't I already tell that this game is not really a game in its spirit. Well, most visual novels aren't anyway. Unlike visual novels though, there isn't really a pick your girl (so far) evident. It's crime first, girl later story. Fortunately though, I am a plot freak. While some are Graphics whores who fawn over Biko 3, I look at Visual novels as a legitimate form of literature MORE than as a quick way to satisfy my pornographic requirements. Yes, people. I play ero-games for the story.

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