Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Impression: Saki - 01 & Guin Saga - 01

Disclaimer: If I blogged the first episode that doesn’t mean that I’ll stick to it. It’s just that I want to give shows a chance before saying that they sucked.

Saki – 01

I’m really surprised that Gonzo really did an amazing job in making the first episode. I don’t know if it’s because I’m expecting that they would make a crappy first episode or I just really have a very low expectation for Gonzo shows. Everything was good, the production quality and the overdramatic mah-jong play was exciting. My only rant is the tits of Nodoka, it looks deformed as if she’s not wearing a bra or it’s because of the bad drawing (no that’s not it the production is really good) so I go for the no bra.

I don’t know if this series is yuri but if you watch this episode Saki keeps on blushing when Nodoka is around. I really find the premise of the story, a girl who doesn’t like playing mah-jong and yet she’s good at playing. Even though I don’t know how to play mah-jong and in the show they kept saying mah-jong words that I can’t understand, I really like it. Despite that Gonzo always disappoints me I’ll still try this one since I really2x like it. I really can’t wait to watch the next episode.

The OP was played at the end of the episode and as expected of a Gonzo opening, it doesn’t give us any tip on what’s going to happen instead, we could see some characters that would play a part in the series. About the OP song I don’t like it but it’s still ok.

Guin Saga – 01
At first I thought this series would be the boring and slow paced one but I was wrong because there’s a good amount of action and yet there’s the plot. I really liked the first episode and I think I’ll continue watching it but if you’ll ask me if I’ll blog it, I don’t know yet. All I know is picking something to blog this season would be hard because almost all of the shows are good compared to last season.

I’m really curious on the face behind Guin maybe he looks handsome maybe not. I also would like to know his past and what will happen to Remus and Rinda. Remus keeps pissing me off with his whines. For God’s sake he’s a male and he doesn’t act like one, I think I want him to be killed off already. Oh I forgot to say that he’s also useless. Rinda is better compared to him, she has this vision powers and she know what to do even without anyone supporting her. Guin on the other hand is quite cool with his super human strength. He reminds me of King from Tekken and I think their fighting style is quite similar.

The bgm of the first episode was also good because Nobuo Uematsu is the behind the music. He’s the one behind the bgm of some Final Fantasy series so I expect greatness from him. There’s no OP in this episode but of course there’s an ending and I like the song, it fits the setting of the series. The ending sequence just browsed the still pictures of some of the characters and I have nothing against it.

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