Sunday, December 21, 2008


If I would recommend a game for you to play, this is it Crescendo is a visual novel about a delinquent high school boy named Ryo and his last 5 days before graduation. Because it's a visual novel,You play this game by reading the text and selecting pre-determined choices.

There are 5 girls in the story. The first three are his classmates who know him for some time. The first girl, Kaho is stuck between him and another guy Ryo told her to go out with. The second girl, Kyoko, is a shy freshman who secretly likes Ryo and the third, Yuka, sells her body to her fellow students.

Aside from the first three, you get Ayame, Ryo's older sister who he fucked and Kaori, the nurse with issues of her own. The storyline of these 2 characters would blow the other three into oblivion (in my opinion).

Although I find Ayame's story too depressing at times, I find Kaori's story very lighthearted and witty. Hmmm.... why do I? I don't know. Maybe I like older girls. But the subject is the game, not me.

Technically, the characters look very anime-ish and that's a strong point, actually. It's just that you need to get used to the unrealistic but cute design. The Music is a relaxing collection of Scott Joplin's ragtime pieces. Nothing special, just focus on the story (especially of the two I specified).

I've got nothing much to say about the mandatory sex scenes, as I wasn't interested in it. Let's just say that one girl gets raped (gang-banged to be exact), but I won't tell who.

This game not only gets 5 out of 5 stars, but also a spot in my overall Hall of Fame for being brave enough to explore taboo issues (rape, (pseudo)incest).

Bonus Fact: This was installed in my laptop and I played it in school


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