Monday, February 16, 2009

White Album episode 7

The best way to manage your time is to split it between different GIRLS! But this is also the best way to get burned...

Before anything else, let me announce Ogata Eiji as the character of the week. He really toyed with Touya's head this episode.

So things have been quite frankly, twisted... and to a large extent, it's misunderstanding that has been the cause. Touya's getting himself into Misaki's bad side while putting up with the shit coming out of Mana Mizuki's foul unsoaped mouth. At the same time, Team Ogata is delivering a powerful mindfuck to his little brain while Yuki gets a nasty taste of show business reality and Haruka goes into emoshit mode because she ain't gettin' enough screentime.

I would like to comment on "What if I were Touya". First, on Mana Mizuki. I won't put up with her shit. She is the real "damaged goods". If Touya has some pride, then he would've known that it's much more bearable to go fuck AV stars for money than act like a slave to someone years younger and who stalks you. Second, he was fucking stupid to let go of Misaki. Now he won't have a hero ticket because before thinking about the MMA fight with jerkoff, he has to think about getting the princess to support him first. If only he took her to the nearest KFC store instead of the bar which Eiji actually is based in, things may be different. Of course, it's Rina's fault for opening her mouth when she shouldnt've. Misaki should've also been more grateful... but that goes to show that the bullied can get a bit mad too...

For now, Rina's clear. I see no sign of her lust for Touya, and I applaud her for that. She's a pretty smart girl. She truly is a different kind of force to be reckoned with. Yuki's experience that catty behavior warrants a Wanderlei Silva style BEATDOWN directed towards the manager of those bitches. If Yayoi can do it, she should. YES SHE CAN!!!! WAR YAYOI!!! Though it looks that she was really about to do it but was just stopped short by Yuki's irratonal optimism. Fuck Yuki and her girly attitude.

Rina's the top girl this week, after being the only one not lusting over our Touya. Misaki drops one spot, as well as Mana. Yuki drops two. Haruka drops 10 spots and is effectively OUT!

But really, Touya's into some shit of his own making. It's because he allowed himself to get too close to the girls that he's riding into a shitstorm. Haruka is the first to make the impact. Her lust is running wild and she might fuck him if they meet. I'm not expecting a NICE BOAT at the moment, but next episode may be about Haruka...

To sum it up, Touya's walking into a web of lies and misunderstanding and he doesn't know it. When it falls upon him, STAY TUNED!!!!!

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