Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White Album episode 6


Finally, after getting what I wanted, this show focused on Misaki and Touya's quest to help her. Things have begun to get stickier as we all know whose stocks dropped and whose shot up. Yayoi's pretty much in a recession due to her "careless investment" which left her bankrupt in Touya's heart while Misaki is riding a bubble, and we all know what happens to bubbles. Yuki's pretty much on a stable path of about 4-5% emotional growth rate but her show business life will eventually destabilize her banking sector and turn it into Lehman Brothers. Rina, forget it.

Touya's trying to become a hero in this episode by offering himself up like a loser. His intentions are unclear and we still don't get a clear story of what caused the grudge in the first place. That glasses-nerd is a fucking child if he got angry just for that and if Touya wanted to become a fucking hero then he should've shoved that fucking message up his candyass. But no! Misaki was there! She wanted her story be shown so fucking bad she'll do anything, even becoming a personal fucking maideservant to these fucktards. What kind of values do they want to impart? Not waving one's balls when it's the rational thing to do? Wtf?!

Misaki is definitely playing the card now, just as I predicted. Are girls so weak in anime? Can't she assert herself on her own? Is that nerd-dude so dangerous that he will rape Misaki if she unilaterally stood her ground and quit the club!? Is that the reason why Misaki puts up with his shit?

Holy shit, things just got interesting.

On second thought, it's nice to see Misaki gang-banged by the Thespian club. Let's name it "Club girl gets banged by horny clubmembers".

Stay tuned.

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