Monday, February 2, 2009

Shikabane Hime Kuro Episode 4


After the winding and repetitive emo shit from Makina, we get to see an episode minus her. Episode 4 focuses on Takamasa and Itsuki's backstory. While insightful, I personally felt it was a bit rushed. We have this mediocre hime who creates a contract with a initially mediocre contractor priest just because of his bloodline. What's worse is that they are trying to cram this alongside the "monster of the week", which happens to be a recurrence of the car-rental monster we saw back in the first season.

Maybe it was a bit anticlimatic, but after I saw the episode I was like, "meh...". They could've devoted the entire episode to the pair and put the battle next week. For all the anticipation and badassery, it all ended up in a fizzle.

More and more cliches are employed in this series... a dramatic departure from what I initially hailed as a good example of the balance of strengths between heroes and villains. As of now, forget that. Our good guys (the ordinary kougon members) keep getting weaker and weaker, with the main heroes as exception. At the same time, the inverse is true about the villains. They proportionally gain strength against the weaker good guys, but still fall for one hit kills from the main guys.

Stay tuned... For the Keisei reappearance they will likely handle poorly.

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