Wednesday, February 4, 2009

White Album episode 5

No Sex, One more girl, A whole load of shit.

So it turned out that Yuki went to dreamland instead of going to heaven with Touya, but what was intriguing in this episode is the weird attitude coming from Yayoi, her manager. "Mr.Axe cologne" Touya just seems to attract all girls with his pheromones alone. Then this significantly older bitch comes along...Absolutely no resistance to her temptations, none. nada. "Mr.Axe cologne" even goes with her for the ride... all without Yuki's knowledge.

I admit it made me grin. But what was her motive? None. Although Yayoi is someone even I woudln't pass on. It's the eyes, mate, the eyes. That look reminds me of Sano, the lesbian doctor Major Kusanagi head-kicked in episode 22 of the first season of GITS. Oh well, no plans to see her get CroCopped atm and we all know they (the production) aren't the people to pull cards out of their asses, so just enjoy the side romance as you go.

On the other girls, I think Misaki is going to play the damsel-in-distress mode. Some guy is pretty intent to exact revenge upon her "unknown grudge" by making her make the costumes alone. Yeah yeah yeah, seems predictable if they play that card. No applause from me if they do. Haruka is one helpless case, even if they play her card, romance is unlikely. "Mr. Axe cologne" has seen better stuff than her. Sorry.

One thing's for sure. You do this in real life, you get nice-boated.

Stay tuned.

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