Sunday, February 1, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 5

MORE Pizza Hut cameos this week!

After their examinations, Yumi goes out with Sachiko to an amusement park where they unexpectedly meet Kashiwagi and Yuki. Sachiko initially avoided Kashiwagi and enjoyed the rides, but it took a a roller coaster ride and an apparent asthma attack (Is coughing a symptom of Anemia?) to seal the deal. Yumi goes into whine mode asking why Kashiwagi knows things about Sachiko that she doesn't know, but merely gets reassurance that she will, in due time.

If you think the plot was thin in this episode, it's because it is. However, MariMite was never about grand, twisting plots. There's certainly more to the story than a pair of girls and boys going to the amusment park and riding the roller coaster. Sachiko has never been sickly before, has she? or Did Kashiwagi reveal his thoughts about "liking" and "other people" prior to this? Was Yumi so dumb to get owned in a wordgame? I think not, except maybe for the last one. The producers are sticking to the old tactics to drop hints about the characters themselves. So in the end, we know a few things (i.e., that Kashiwagi loves everyone) or get fed some more of the old stuff (i.e., Sachiko likes physical intimacy with Yumi).

Yes, fleshing out is good once in a while, but what happened to the soeur chase? Who won? or was that story angle just one of the many openings to flesh out Yumi's character rather than a real plot to get her a soeur? I don't really know. But one thing's for sure. This is MariMite. Episodes like this are nothing unusual, but they aren't anything new either.

Stay tuned.

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