Monday, February 9, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 6

Touko, or no Touko?

I hate to call episode 6 a filler but to be honest, maybe it is, or just a mid season slump. Basically, the entire episode can be divided into three plot points. 1) Touko runs away and somehow finds herself in Yumi's bedroom, 2) Sachiko and Rei have this talk about their soeurs, with Rei confiding that she won't be going to Lilian university while Sachiko saying she would (like Sei), and 3) Both Touko and Kanako declining Yumi's invitation to the party.

More character development from most of the girls though. Sachiko's so feminine in this episode that Rei almost looks like a boy beside her (bike and hugging scene). More gutsy attitude from Noriko, which I greatly enjoyed (although quite short) I also think that Touko's outer shell will start to crack from here on. Kanako, on the other hand has already accepted that Yumi and her are not to be. Once again, I must say that Noriko is the character of the week, which makes her the chosen one for one-third of the series run. Although the soft-skinned people may view her nonchalant refusal to cooperate with Yumi in a negative light, it was actually the right decision, as Yumi meeting face to face with Touko is better and besides, Touko is her friend.

I am sure that many of you guys will find Noriko quite hard to like. But man, she's got balls to stick to her guns. When the girl says no, she means no... Decisive, unlike other airheads you cannot leave alone lest they tilt the failboat.

In other news:
The girls themselves are quite innocent for their age. Compared with ecchi-laden series' flooding the interwebs, Yumi, Sachiko and the like apparently haven't said anything pertaining to sex since season 1. Yea we may have seen that little kiss between Shiori and Sei but that was it. No penetrations nor dildo-plays ;)... not even hints? Ohhh.
--------Mad mushroom.

I will hold my speculations for now... so stay tuned.

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