Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shikabane Hime Kuro Episode 5

Makina has never heard of the word "Mushin"

This episode focuses on the attachment of humans to their undead princesses. First, we get the continuation of the battle against the car-rental monster who forces Itsuki to reveal her beast form. However, the battle (anticlimatic as it is) wasn't important after all. I think it just served as a vehicle to portray Glasses-boy's acceptance of the true nature of the Shikabane Hime. But man, the guy's head over heels over the undead girl. 'Nuff said.

As it turned out, Keisei is actually not Keisei. Keisei is dead, the reappearance is revealed to be an impostor of the Shichisei. Ironically enough, Makina the emoshit still held an unsound mind regarding Keisei. Her ambivalence, which is rooted in her attachment to the dead pervert caused Ouri to fail ending the situation right there and then (when he had a REAL chance to). Not to say that's weak or something, but it's becoming clear that Ouri's finally starting to man up after listening to Glasses-boy's tall tales and it is Makina who's falling behind.

What happened to the Shichisei? Are they pussying out already? After the ballsy show of force during the first 3 episodes, it seems they have "pulled an Al-qaeda". Feeling overmatched by the Kougon, they resorted to sending individual attacks rather than launch full scale invasions like they did before. Also, the intentions of the two man sniper team are still under question. I took them out from my "Good guy" list because they tried to "kill Keisei", but they also provided the valuable intel to Ouri about the impostor. So as of now, they are tweeners.

Characters of the week: Glasses Boy and Itsuki. They are a good contrast to Makina and Ouri's weaksauce bond. Love is blind, isn't it? ;)

Stay tuned.

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