Monday, January 26, 2009

White Album episode 4

A Cookie for the Nookie!

Episode 4 was quite the episode that seemed annoying for the first 15 or so minutes but ends with a nosebleed... Touya acts like a loser again, standing up two girls in a single day. It was a good thing the girls weren't bitches to whine and whack him on the head... NO! In fact, Yuki was happy and horny at the same time. I just hope they used protection.

It is still unknown if Rina was toning down or upping the ante. Her "help" is getting more visible, and this could be taken both ways. Maybe she really wanted to "steal" Touya, maybe not. Her intentions aren't clear yet. I don't know. I'm too focused on the nookie at the end.

Overall, I consider the last 5 minutes to be more meaningful than the rest. Aside from the character development (for all 3), we get to see some backstory by way of some flashbacks, and of course, the most anticipated nookie. Damn I hate this genre. If only the male leads were much more assertive and had a spine for fucks sake.

Touya must be singing "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit. It really suits him. But props to him for staying strong with Yuki.

Stay tuned!


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