Thursday, January 22, 2009

RideBack episode 2

A prodigy is born

In this episode, we see the progression of Rin from an alienated ex-ballet dancer to being a super rookie RideBack racer. After being formally invited to join the RideBack club, Rin is overcome by her curiosity and starts looking up Ridebacks over the internet and drops by the garage again.

She was challenged by Tamayo to a race, with the stipulation that Rin will be her servant if she loses. Tamayo just happened to be the All-Japan champion racer, as told by Rin’s bro over the phone. Nevertheless, she accepts the challenge. The race itself was tenacious. Rin, being the complete rookie was supposed to be left to bite the dust, but to everyone’s surprise she hung in there and astonished Tamayo with both her tenacity and dexterity in riding. The race was inconclusive, as Tamayo suffered a race-ending crash and Rin did not finish the race to aid her.

RideBack is starting to give me the shounen feel in its portrayal of action packed adventure and a gung-ho, never-give-up heroine. It was as if I just saw a prodigy being born while watching the race, especially when Rin did that ballet trick on her RideBack. The way she nimbly moved that machine wasn’t surprising per se, being the ex-ballerina she is but it was the rookie factor plus the tension of the moment that made it awesome. After all, she was just racing the national champion one-on-one. However, the biggest plus factor I saw was Rin’s headstrong attitude towards challenges. The girl just never backs down. Indeed, Fuego has found a new master. Who said ballet is for sissies ;)?

RideBack feels very much like Air Gear minus the tweener aura, and I personally think that it is the strongest show of the season if it keeps up the excitement until it ends it run.


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