Thursday, January 22, 2009

White Album episode 3

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Episode 3 was a development of the main plot line. Touya becomes Rina's manager for a very short time, and he gets into a tough spot choosing to stay strong with Yuki or giving in to Rina's machinations, or escaping to Haruka.

Let me speculate on what really happened, I personally think that Rina was behind the breakdown of Yuki and Touya's plans to go out that Saturday and his firing as her manager. Why? She wants to create an impression that would give her plus points on Touya. "Make this up to you" my ass. She's the culprit. She may very well be, and she knows how to act. That slap looked real, so what's stopping her from making the firing look real. Her brother is also a tool for letting himself be dragged into the story.

Maybe you can look at Rina from two perspectives. First is the evil bully throwing her weight around in the worst possible way--by being "friends" with the girl she's victimizing. She may have fooled Yuki, but I can see through that facade. But you gotta give credit when it's due. Rina WILL eat Yuki alive when escalates into an all-out-cat war. . Second is the perspective of koolaid drikers who think that Rina's a strong willed woman who just tries to get her prize. I'm leaning more on the first, but all it takes is for me to see some weakness on Yuki's part and I'll root for Rina all the way.

And Touya, grow a spine. Stop that Goddess of the day shit and get a life. You'll get Nice-boated if you dont act decisively now.