Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 4

Excuses, Excuses!!!

Our girls, especially Yoshino went to the tea party with the highest of hopes and the shoddiest of reasons. All of the girls who attended the tea party turned out to be gold diggers in the making, as they had ulterior motives for joining the Yamayurikai aside from genuine companionship. Ultimately, Yumi and Yoshino took nobody and opted to delay the choosing of their soeurs with a daily mini-audition. Unfortunately, this failed too, as those girls they expected to come fell dramatically short of the expectations of the classy roses. This inability to get a soeur distressed Yoshino, as she promised Eriko that she would have a soeur at the day of the Kendo tournament, which she ultimately didn’t have. In the end, Eriko sees through Yoshino’s stunts and excuses but keeps to herself, leaving Yoshino embarrassed because she knew that she should’ve been more honest to Eriko.

The moral of the episode’s story is clear. Be honest, especially to those dearest to you because they are the people most likely to see through you. Yoshino learned this lesson the hard way, but it will be good for her in the long run. It was a good thing Eriko’s not like Sachiko… or else, but I lolled at her antics throughout the episode. That expression of hers was priceless. Yoshino is the character of this episode.

Unlike most of you MariMite-fans, I’ve always favored the Yellow roses most. They are the most natural bunch among the rose families and their back-story is warm and has a genuine feel to it unlike the other two, which in a way had been unnecessarily dramatized. IMO, the bond between Yoshino and Rei is on a different level than Sachiko and Yumi. I don’t know why, but there are a lot of unspoken elements in that bond, which means they know each other too well to make a fuss about it... Oh well. They’re BLOOD related. Just watch the previous seasons if you cannot get what I am saying.

Don’t miss the Pizza Hut cameo and stay tuned for next week’s episode!


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