Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shikabane Hime Kuro episode 6


This episode was quite pumped with it, fights. What we see is Makina killing off the shichisei trap on her own and the emergence of booby-sama. We all saw how she PWNED the trap with her bare hands (and some help from the rifle) while she (he) plead for her (his) life. That was one of the better PWNAGE scenes I've seen from this anime. No mercy for the evil corpses. Destroy them. It's good that Makina gets her old killer self back... and Ouri too, but his skills still need more development.

Meanwhile, it seems that enemies are far from extinguished. Balloon Man will certainly give our heroes some problems, and booby-sama is the first. But hey, if Balloon Man really thinks that death is the ultimate happiness then he wont have an issue being crushed by Makina with her bare hands. There is no room for emoshit in anime, so you often hear me point out characters like the one in White Album and now this one. Why is it that there are emoshits but no one to crush them with their bare hands? Makina also did that emo SHIT too, though. Damn, emoshit after emoshit... wtf is happening? is it because of the recession? But there's none here in my little island so I can't relate.

See, there's one glaring fact in Shikabane Hime. The good guys PWN the shichisei in hand-to-hand combat. It has been proven time and time again. This is no execption. Though I like that fact, there must be more PWNAGE scenes, preferably with people killing the baddies with their bare hands. I repeat, bare hands. The PWNAGE is much more in-your-face that way.

Additional Note:
Look at the funny face of that little hime with the hammer.

Stay tuned.

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