Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 7

The proposal! Ja oder Nein?

Okay.. Girl of the week goes to YOUNG TOUKO and PRESENT TOUKO!

KABOOM!!! KABOOM!!! That's what the Yumi warwagon sounded like when it crashed as Touko the great gave Yumi a painful dose of reality in order to save her from her own lesbiannic delusions. The thing about Touko is that her personality will overshadow Yumi's if they get too close. If you have followed this series since season 1 you would know that Yumi is not a smart person. However, Touko is. Unlike Yumi, who depends on Sachiko (and vice versa) , Touko can handle life on her own. Some may think that Touko showing up in parties in which she would "just help" is a sign of genuine cooperation, but it actually isn't. It's as it is. Just helping, for its own sake.

This episode is quite filling, albeit slow. We got the usual parlor games and afternoon tea. Though it's a good thing that they're eating cake instead of Pizza from Pizza Hut. On one hand, we got an issue quickly resolved (that of Rei and Yoshino, who quite frankly, acted like a child this week). All it took is a very practical soothing from Rei and it's done. On the other, we got THIS! I mean, yea Touko and Kanako knew their place. Kanako left without disturbing anyone, because she knew she has no place there. She already relinquished her claim to Yumi and has no business with soeurs. Touko too, after acting like an ass has no business in soeurship. So she tried to leave but it seemed Yumi had another idea...

I think Touko had this trauma in her childhood which gave her an early shock to reality and that explains her cynical and sometimes asshole behavior. But this week, she acted pretty maturely (relative to Yumi and Yoshino). Her character punched above its weight. And that's the reason why she's the girl of the week. Finally, Sachiko's little chat with Yumi is also indicative of why they are soeurs in the first place. Support, though in real life it's not that dramatic.

If this (the rise of the Touko's) is indicative of the IQ increase in Lilian, it may be be a good trend.

Stay tuned.

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