Tuesday, January 13, 2009

White Album episode 2

Sorry guys. For White Album, I've decided to forgo writing the summary of the entire episode since it's too tedious, and You may have watched it already (so it becomes redundant). From now on, I'll just post my thoughts and some screenies.

This episode lays out the seeds for the love triangle. We see the lives of Yuki and Rina get trapped in this little bubble due to their lives as pop singers.. The effects on Yuki are especially evident. Now, she cannot do things as before. No more going out in public. Both she and Rina started to wear disguises, but the biggest loss is their ceasing to be the masters of their own schedule. Both girls live exactly to the dot. Their manager supervises them like big brother. In short, such a life brings strain Touya's bond with her.

Touya is the poor guy in this episode. First he kinda loses his girlfriend to the show business, then he tries to make up for it by going for other girls (friends). Rina is also crashing into the picture by "befriending" him. Yea yea, we know where that will lead to.

We see the usual character development. Characters are continually rounded out. Touya's little time spent with this Haruka chick and with Misaki (on the phone) to compensate for Yuki's absence says something about him. In short, the little things are giving clues as to who the characters are. However, there is simply not enough material to seriously write about as of now, but let us all continue watching.

Stay tuned for my entry about the first episode of Ride Back!


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