Monday, January 19, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 3

Let the auditions begin!

The second years are being pressured to find their petite soeurs as soon as possible. Yoshino and Yumi already feel the presure mounting, although the way they are pressured is completely different. Initially, they decide an audition. However, Yumi seemed uncomfortable with the idea, so they chose to hold a tea party instead. The intentions were pure, they just wanted to have some tea and a little chit-chat to find out suitable candidates.

As in all-girls' schools, the constant catty behavior was most detrimental to Touko, who chose not to enlist for the said party, as rumors and backbiting grew unbearable for her. While Kanako, who previously lusted over Yumi's virginal flesh came back to her senses and told Yumi that she too won't be signing up for the tea ceremony.

I personally think that the key character of the episode was Noriko. The way she handled Touko's predicament by not pushing the issue of joining the tea party was pretty mature of her, but Touko is also an immature girl. It is clear that Noriko is concerned about her friend, but she chose to use the soft method and let Touko decide things for herself. While some of you might say that it was just a small tea party, the small things are usually magnified in Marimite-verse.

But I still presume that Yumi will eventually choose Touko as her petite soeur. The idea of complete strangers auditioning for the job is something that's improbable, plot-wise.


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