Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RideBack Episode 1

RideBack is about this futuristic machines which look like Mechs and Motorcycles combined. Our main character is Rin, a ballerina who decides to quit ballet after snapping her ankle onstage, and the first episode shows emptiness that follows her move to another school...until she inadvertedly encounters this group of RideBack enthusiasts who suggest she ride one of their machines. At first, she struggles to control the RideBack due to a technical problem, but after some help from a fellow rider, Rin manages to control the machine like it was an extension of her. Finally, Rin has found something meaningful.

I don't know the connection between the new world order presented and the RideBacks themselves. What has the war and military rule got to do with a bunch of young bikers anyway? Unless somewhere in the series, RideBacks will be used against the military(?). I mean, this anime is like Air Gear, but the politics angle is much more likely.

Quality-wise, the series is sharp. Lighting, detail, flow...excellent. However, I haven't yet accustomed myself to the facial designs, which looked a bit plain. It seems that they plan to sell toys someday, as the 3d images of RideBack models are very prominent.

Series picked!


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