Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ga Rei Zero review

Final Rating: B-

Plot review:
So aside from the interestingly cheesy yet un-cliched first episode, I am quite disappointed to see the gradual downward slide of this series in terms of originality and creativity. I mean, all the archetypes I do not enjoy are in this series; Fragile heroes, extremely powerful enemies and inept allies (Noriyuki and the rest), whose powers cannot even substantially damage the villains. Why? Because it makes the conflict much less plausible, and thus lessens its "interest factor". In one forum I even compared Kagura to Shinji from NGE, but I am having second thoughts now. At least Shinji was a total beast when his synch rate was over 400% . All Kagura does is cry cry cry and call Yomi with that annoying voice... waaah.

In the end, the series left an opening for a season 2, which would fare better if Kagura toughens up and becomes a merciless juggernaut. She's an exorcist ffs, so there's no room for whining while swinging that gunblade.

The animation quality was decent save for the 3d rolling dinos we see throughout the series. I have little to comment about, but at least they didn't try to use motion lines to simulate movement. The characters really moved when fighting.

Final remarks:
I doubt that this would be one of your all time favorites. You won't really symphatize with the characters as they probably don't carry the ideals of both hero and villain, and how the balance of forces they must have so that the conflict would be the least bit interesting.


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