Sunday, January 11, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 2

Episode 2. Finally they developed Denpa's characher... and something extra, so let's begin

This episode starts right with the School festival..

A man clutching a baby looks desperate to come inside (plot key).

While Yumi and Yoshino are busy selling their foodstuffs to everyone.

Heil mein fuhrer!

While outside, we get to see some familiar faces.

Youko notices a girl trying to gate crash by climbing over a wall. She responds to her in a true Lilian fashion.

However, they let her go easy. But she tries to get their attention and tells the two that she is
a relative of one of the students. Youko tells sei that the girl reminds her of someone.

Meanwhile, the festival goes full swing. Students enjoy themselves, but one person seems out of touch (yes, it's her).

Yumi sees Kanako and tries to ask her about the tickets, but Denpa seemed a bit defensive.

As Drill catches up with Yumi and tries a little chit-chat. Kanako uses this as an opportunity to quitely exit.

While the girls have their own problems with "paparazzi".

Shortly after, Yumi herself encounters the mysterious girl.

She asks Yumi where the nearest telephone stand is, and Yumi helps her out.

The alumnae

Yumi looks for Sachiko to no avail, she was told that she is in the infirmary. Meanwhile, the three play some parlor games!

But Denpa crashes into them, looking worried.

No, they just miss you

While it becomes apparent that the one chasing her was the mysterious girl Youko and Sei saw outside. Sachiko comes in and calls Yumi, with a VERY serious face.

Sachiko asks Yumi to go the infirmary with her, and to bring Kanako too. Sachiko explains the situation on the way, and tells the two that its not possible that it is her father in the infirmary. She gives out clues that point out the truth.. It's Kanako's dad who's in the infirmary.

So Kanako decides to go in, see her dad and spill the hurt!

But the mysterious girl comes in, and tells Kanako that it isn't her dad's fault. The girl apparently is Kanako's girl-crush back then, and she tells Kanako that she and dad have been seeing each other (and apparently are in a relationship).

While the girl introduces Kanako to her(kanako's) sister, who sees the child for the first time. Ehehehe, Kanako's girl-crush bore the child of her own biological father (fantasy material). Nice shot, sir!

Yep, she's the mom.

After this, Sachiko reminds Yumi about the play Touko will take part in..

Epic pose!

And there she is!, acting in a play!

Yes, that is Touko, minus the drill bit hair.

Afterwards, Yumi and Touko rush to the next play. The one produced by the Roses.

The play went along well, and that night, Sachiko and Yumi did a little chat with each other. Sachiko tells Yumi that to her, everyday is like any other day, and that Yumi will still be her soeur no matter what, and asks Yumi choose her own petit soeur


-Although this episode developed the character of Kanako more than everyone else, it also advanced the plot at the end when Yumi is forced to get her own soeur. It is timely, as she is already a sophomore, and this puts the plot to a crossroad. While we may have wanted Yumi to choose Touko, mainly because of Kanako's antics, this episode balanced things out a bit. Kanako isn't the weirdo we knew her to be. With that resolution of her open wounds, she may open up to other people. And who knows, Kanako may eventually win audience support.

Man, the story is picking up. Stay tuned for the next episode!

- Nice weird family over there. hehehe.


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