Tuesday, January 6, 2009

White Album: Episode 1

White album starts off with Yuki unsuccessfully telling Toya that she cant.... with him anymore because of her job as a TV idol. The room was noisy, so he wasn't able to get the entire message. The morning after, Toya sits on his bed watching TV and he sees Yuki being interviewed in a talk show. She has a dry personality and gives off generic answers. Later, Toya sees Yuki at school and is startled because he just saw her on TV. She tells him that the talk show was pre-recorded and they expected her to give such answers anyway. However, before they get to talk more, her manager comes by and she has to go because of her recording session.

That afternoon, Toya meets some classmates while looking for a job, and they talk about Yuki being less and less able to be with them since her idol job is taking away her time. Misaki tells Toya that he needs to hold her so that she won't drift off. Some more chit-chat and an encounter with a bike-chick ensues before the focus shifts to Yuki...

Yuki is portrayed as a weak-minded girl who gets stepped on by the other girls' group. Her dress gets stained while she brought them drinks, and another idol, Rina gets upset with it. However, Rina is also called for business and Yuki tells her that she'll do somethng about it herself.

Meanwhile, Toya spends some time in a bar, talking about the book Misaki gave him and justs wastes scren time there. Later in the evening, he sees Yuki again on TV, while she calls him and tells him that it was pre-taped again. She tells him to wait for next week's episode...while the camera shows Yuki and some girls modifying her good girl costume into a rugged one. Rina sees her on the phone , Yuki blushes and Rina gives her a two thumbs up. She then asks her it's her boyfriend, while Yuki gets surprised when she is told to show him to her.

First impressions:
- The pop idol shit is shallow as hell

- I can predicting the course of the story, and it's cliche as hell

- However, I am interested with the next events.

- The show business saps a lot of time from one's personal life.

- Some nasty shit will occur, but may end up in fireworks.

- Unattractive OP, ED and insert song.

So-so, I'll need to see more episodes to decide if I'll follow it through.


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