Monday, January 5, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru season 4: Episode 1

The fourth series we'be been waiting for has officially started, friends. Episode 1 is about this class presentation for the school fair in which the play is about some people who switched genders. Yuki gets dragged on a ridiculous stunt and is made to wear female attire, which draws admiration of the resident fag. However, Sachiko takes it one step further and decides that every actor must switch genders FOR REAL.

The fag seems to be happy about it, while Drill is also enthusiastic to perform as a male. Meanwhile, Yumi notices some strange behavior from the Androphobe Denpa, and the rose council learns that Drill left her original role at the drama club to participate in their (the roses') play. Sachiko thinks that it is inappropriate for a freshman to do such a thing and decides to take her off the play so Drill can go back to the drama club. Yumi tries to tell Drill the decision, but she keeps dilly-dallying, and Drill tells her to just say it dircetly. Drill tells Yumi the real reason why she left the drama club, and Yumi offers to help Drill get back in.

First Impression:

- They abandoned the trademark song for this series, "Pastel Pure". Marimite is never the same without it as its OP, and I think it's still better than the new one.

- They stuck with the same elegant character design and background drawings. I love it.

- I just realized Touko is good at acting =)

- Denpa "needs an attitude adjustment" (Colonel Burton's line)

Stay tuned for the next episode. I'm picking this up!


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