Sunday, January 4, 2009

Appleseed ex Machina review

Appleseed ex Machina continues the high-tech, swashbuckling antics of Deunan and her formerly human mate Briaeros. However, this time, a new character is introduced. Tereus is an artificially created bioroid whose likeness is copied from Briaeros. This causes confusion to Deunan, and some distress (and discrod) to Briaeros. Meanwhile, a crisis erupts, a virus causes bioroids to lose control of themselves and Deunan and friends must trace the source of the problem...

The plot wasn't anything original nor edgy. Hunt the culprit plot devices are standard in any action genre. Yea yeah we get the obligatory breakdown of civil order and the apparently impotent governmnent response to the threat. The fight scenes, while visually exciting are quite predictable. We all knew that not one of our heros will die, thus lessening the excitement factor (plot-wise).

John Woo's influence in this movie is noticeable early on. His trademark birds flying before gunfights was seen on the first action scene. Compared to the first Appleseed, the CGI used in this film is a nice step-up. Characters are more solid and there is no slimy 2d feel present in the first movie. Animation was detailed, we all got to see fluid gunfights as well as nicely rendered backgrounds. Some scenes, such as the ones from the cloning laboratory looks more and more lifelike which is comparable to modern survival horror surroundings with pre-made renders (Parasite eve 2).

Weapons CG also made a favorable impression to me. Gunfights are detailed, especially the weapons systems. The scene of machine gun rounds firing was not repetetive and the impact of bullets on the walls and grounds made the appropriate dust and sparks effects.

Final Remarks
This is a fairly average sci-fi action film which happens to fall on the anime genre as well. The replay value of this film is quite low though, you don't really need to watch this movie again and again to understand it as the plot is simple. Probably, this movie is better suited for a casual watch with friends. It will give you guys a thrill, because that's the only thing it will leave you with.


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