Friday, June 12, 2009

Eden of the East episode 9

It's goin' down!

Haha yeah, Finally! someone competent managed to advance the plot by himself by tinkering with those magic phones, and was able to connect the dots, though he does not survive long enough to learn the truth in its entirety, and there seems to be more to the selecao than we know.

Panties, while he was still useful has served well. Now, it doesn't matter if he's dead or not. What's more interesting is why those two guys know where the phones are. GPS aside, what's with their interest in those phones? Surely they're not from some rival company selling similar phones. It's more likely that they're some sort of cleanup squad or something... or someone did go apeshit when johnnylopper's phone was lost from her possession--thus making her unable to play the "game". There's only one person who would go apeshit. It's the puppet master. The lord of the phones. The question is who...

We are getting closer to uncovering the root cause of the events. Forgotten or not, the truth is closer than ever before, provided that no more gets run over by a little car.

Stay tuned. Happy Independence Day!

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