Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ristorante Paradiso episode 5

Back alley infidelity

Nostalgia over wine dominates the whole episode, as the owner of the joint reveals that he's half-brothers with the obnoxious waiter. While continuing the sentimental streak of the series, episode 5 does not push the plot forward. Okay, we know now that there's a lot more to that back-alley cafe than we initially thought, but it's fine. No problem with it, except that it's getting a bit boring. Just a bit.

It's not as if we really need to examine the lives of all the waiters to the extent of detail that the story becomes just a collection of narratives, but I think that exploring them one-by-one through coffee table tales will possibly bore the audience to death. They might look at MariMite to learn how to develop characters while pushing the plot. But then again, marimite had almost thrice the airtime and 5 movies to do so.

It pays to know that character development does not only come from examining the past lives of the individual characters. They are not creating a clusterfuck drama series anyway. Just a little discussion then move, not a little discussion that lasts for 22 minutes.

Stay tuned.

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