Monday, June 1, 2009

Eden of the East episode 8

Hey! I'm Tom, Dick and Harry... at the same time!

After the almost certain action by our beloved johnnylopper, this episode finally spared us from her phallic hatred. So apparently, Takizawa (?) gets hold of a broken selecao phone, which I'm not sure yet if it's his or johnnylopper's (I'll rewatch). Anyhow, the they all want to investigate Takizawa's past so they try to have the phone repaired by this otaku loser who goes by the nickname "panties" and true enough, all of them are on the "mystery track" as it seems that all of them are in one way or another, investigating the entire mystery of the series.

Overall, a much better episode than episode 7 as the plot actually moves this week. Ohsugi the other loser develops a neurotic attitude because his auto-ID system fucks up. Do we really expect anything else? Lol. Of course it would fuck up. The name Takizawa Akira is just an alias. I feel that his neurotic babbling to the chief NEET will just end up being brushed aside. Characters like Ohsugi are part of the eternal loser archetype. They don't get respect from ANYONE. My gut instinct says that he won't be taken seriously.

Hopefully, we are getting closer to the root of the mystery. There's just 4 weeks left and there isn't any real "race" to save the nation as the selecao apparently just burn the money for whatever whim they have. By themselves, it's a deadlock. What role does Saki and her Neets play? I don't know.

pics later: im too fucking lazy.


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