Monday, February 23, 2009

Maria Sama ga Miteru Season 4: Episode 8

Sachiko = Haruhi????

Girl of the week goes to Sachiko, for trying to undress Yumi.

Oh well, the Marimite girls stick to the time-tested formula and do what they did during the first part of season 2... Yes, they did a house party at Sachiko's place (again). We all know what they do at house parties. Parlor games and more parlor games. It seems as if rich as Sachiko was, she can't afford a decent gaming system (or a TV at least). Anyway, all of these were done with the absence of Touko at the back of Yumi's mind, so much so that she didn't really enjoy the party with all her bedtime crying and all that.

One of the noticeable things this week (aside from the lack of tech in Sachiko's house) is the apparent "toning-down" of the dialouge. This time, they just did card games, as they did during the previous year (Marimite time) but the craziness that people like Sei possessed had gone. There are no more witty exchanges between Sei and Kashiwagi, nor were there any wild Volkswagen drives. What's left is a jumbled mass of emoshit called Yumi and her friends' impotent yet spirited attempt to cheer her up. The only character who had an ounce of sincerity in her was Sachiko's mom.

This leads me to another question. Where were the older rosas? I kinda miss them, especially Sei. I mean, she's the only character whose personality both gave a refreshing air and was compatible with an openly lesbian attitude. Sachiko blatantly trying to undress Yumi wasn't like her, to be honest. It isn't in her persona. It should've been Sei...

Let's also watch out for Touko. The preview for the next episode implies that her 'good' day was just a farce.

So, expect White album after this. Stay tuned.

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