Monday, August 17, 2009

CANAAN - 06-07




Episode 6

Holy crap Liang Qi sure is one amazing psycho. I liked her get some, get some scene in this episode and I've got to admit that Tanaka Rie is an amazing seiyuu. Also there were some flashbacks and a loli Liang Qi is really adorable. Also Liang Qi's Mii is really cute by the way. I admire her in those things but her character is quite irritating mainly because of her infatuation with Alphard and her hatred towards Canaan.

Even though Canaan spent the whole episode running, this episode is still exciting. Alphard 's plan is set in motion in this episode by infecting the world leaders with the Ua virus. Maria's been captured (again) and got beaten up by Liang Qi. And when I thought that Maria's character had grown I was disappointed in this episode because all she did was shout Canaan!! 2x or don't come I'll be fine!!. Baka, of course you're not fine.

Wow, Hakko spoke in this episode and the reason she doesn't speak is because she appears to have powers that control sound waves (?). I'm not sure about that since we are not given additional clues on what her power might be.

Episode 7
That was a very awesome episode. It has the right mix of political drama, action, deceit and suspense. I spent the entire episode at the edge of my seat and I kept looking at the remaining time for the episode because I don't want it to end with a cliff hanger 'cause I'll have to wait for another week to watch the next episode. I thought this episode would be spent on saving Maria and seeing Canaan in action but wow I never thought that they'll make it a race-against-time type of episode. At the beginning of the episode, Canaan did the matrix and dodge the bullets like Neo but what impressed me was when she was trying to manipulate the GPS system of the missile. Well, the episode ended in a cliff hanger but I was satisfied since they didn't decide to cut with the one where we don't know if the missile has hit the building or not. I want to watch the next episode because I don't know what will happen to Canaan, will she lose her power and had to battle Liang Qi or will she still get her powers back?

Waaaaa!! Next episode please!!

until then...


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