Monday, August 3, 2009

CANAAN - 02-05




So far so good...
The series doesn't waste anytime in building up the story and characters. Some of the characteristics of the Ua virus was revealed and even some of Canaan's past was revealed. This series is really well animated and so far the animation is still superb. Another good quality was the direction of the series was also very good. Even though the series is quite hmmm....mediocre in some ways, the series is still very interesting because of the balance of comedy and action.

Episode 2 was quite good, I found Yunyun's meatbun breast hilarious and the taxi driver was also funny and cool at the same time. Episode 3, it has more humor and action than the previous episode. Hakko was hot in this episode and her encounter with Minoru in the park was hilarious specially with the timing of the fountain. In this episode also, we get to see more of the relationship between Canaan and Maria and it turns out that the villains in this episode was a sympathetic character. I felt sad for Canaan since she only tried to save Maria but Maria on the other hand was frightened of her. In episode 4, we get to see Canaan past and why she have that hatred against Alphard. This episode has less action but the action scene at the end was entertaining to watch because it was well animated even though it was only short. In this episode Maria and Canaan was both depressed and thank goodness Maria got over her depression easily while Canaan she got over it during episode five. I was surprised that Maria and Canaan made up easily but that's fine so that we'll have more action next week. I'm liking Maaya Sakamoto's villainous voice btw, it's suits Alphard very well. In episode 5, I thought they were going to kill off Yunyun since in the previous episodes she was only a comedy relief. She was really hilarious in this episode since she tried to be a bad guy and she was really hilarious with that facial expression of hers. In this episode also the Borner thing was also explained and that they are being manipulated by an organization by offering them drugs that will save their lives.

(Wow that was long and nonstop... :P..)

I can't wait to watch the next episode since in the last part of the episode there was someone who send a letter to Maria and it seem to be an invitation to a party and in the preview, it seems that Alpahard would somewhat kidnap Maria. Ooohhh....can't wait..

until then...


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