Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kimi ni Todoke 4

I didn't like this episode very much for two reasons: 1) It was awful, and 2) We have enough "misunderstood" characters in anime and don't need one more. In the first place, it was Sawako's fault because she didn't put her feet down and act decisively enough for her "friends" to understand her clearly, and vice versa. She had a lot of opportunities to say a soundbite, but she preferred to over-interpret the body language of others and thus, give herself (and them) a perfectly predictable scenario.

This reminds me of how Asians act towards each other. That kind of interaction is unfortunately not limited to their place. I don't like the way they rely too much on unspoken and subtle hints. That kind of interaction creates unnecessary rifts between people. I've been into many misunderstandings due to my inability to read other peoples' "hints", and have been telling others that for as long as I remember. That's why while people praise my honesty, they often see me as brash and insensitive with my words. I guess I'm the anti-Sawako, the Sawako in reverse. So that's definitely a minus. If Sawako were a real girl, she'd be on my "unreliable people" list. I still do dig her (non-chibi) hair though.

For now, I'll be putting this series on probation. I've stopped reading the manga as so not to spoil my experience. I think I already know what happens next.

Stay tuned.

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