Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aoi Bungaku First impression

In 2003, there was Texhnolyze. In 2007, there was Shigurui. In 2008, there was Mouryo no Hako. This, I think is this year's continuation to the insanely beautiful series' Madhouse seemed to release every year. Basically, the plan for the entire show is an adaptation of various literary pieces--but following the footsteps of its predecessors, this series might just have what it takes to be worthy of being in the same sentence as them, or even better.

The first episode was a very nice introduction to the series. Although this particular arc will last for just a couple of episodes, the series was successful in conveying a film noir-esque atmosphere a bit reminiscent of MnH but much more "sensual" due to nature of the characters involved. At least for the first episode, the atmosphere was very well played out. I liked the way the lady was used as a sacrificial lamb to further the story. That, and her character she embodied--a tired hostess who fucks with younger men and finally jumps off a cliff. It's definitely not something (1)4 year old kids would enjoy nor appreciate.

However, I appreciate the feel. In fact, this is the kind of show I hunt for every season. I'm perfectly happy with this one and am excited to watch more of the series.

Stay tuned.


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