Friday, May 20, 2011

Dog Days - First Impression

Title: Dog Days
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
05 Dog Days
In the land of Fronaldo, the Republic of Biscotti has been aggressively attacked by the Lion Kingdom of Galette. Facing potential defeat, Princess Millhiore summons a hero who can save the country. What she gets is Izumi Shinku, a middle-school boy from Japan. Awaiting him in Fronaldo is the task of becoming hero enough to defeat his enemies while learning the peculiar rules of battle in this strange new world.

"SCARLET KNIGHT" by Nana Mizuki

Another anime original from the studio that brought us Nanoha but so far I don't really know where the story is heading. The series introduced us to Shinku a normal exchange student who like athletics until one day he was summoned into another world where he was tasked to become a hero of a country. In that world, war doesn't mean there's a lot of blood shed instead they held it in a war like sports competition and instead of dying, the participants turn into a defenseless cat or dog and its just the ideal world for our protagonist since he likes athletics so much. So far nothing really impressive have happened in the story yet, we only got little background information of Millhoire and her relationship with Leo the princess of another country. Nothing is really impressive in the story department since so far all we got is battle and kidnappings. Despite that it lacked in the story department, I'm still enjoying this series since it’s a brake from the plot heavy shows I'm following this season since I could watch this without thinking much.

The characters so far are honestly mediocre starting with Shinku who is your typical hero from a harem show who is quite dense and an idiot (no wonder Éclair calls him an idiot). The princess doesn't stand out much and the captain Eclair is your typical tsundere but thank goodness Kugumiya Rie isn't the one who voiced her.

The animation is above average and there's nothing really impressive about it. Like I said in my previous first impressions, this season has the best character design that I have seen in a while. This series might have suffered in the story department (like most of the shows this season) but you can count on it in the character design since all the characters are an eye candy. People who like anime characters with nekomimi ears or dog ears would definitely enjoy watching this show. I really enjoyed watching the action but its not as exciting as show where you know the characters could get hurt or even worse die. The animation of the casting circle really reminds me a lot of the casting circle in Nanoha specially if its color pink.

The OP song which was sung by Nana Mizuki has nice voice works but the song itself is not that catchy but at least it fits the fantasy mood of the series. The ED song is cute but nothing special either.

"PRESENTER" by Yui Horie

Despite its lack of plot and mediocre characters I am still enjoying this series since its like a breather for plot heavy and serious shows that I'm following this season. So far I'm still being entertained by its premise and the action but I'm not expecting much from this show.

Until then…

~ ja

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