Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 11 Quick Post

Misaki's mom sure is hot XD why the hell did her husband left her??

This part was hilarious but I felt sorry for Usui. That's not how you return a favor, he even fixed Misaki's flooring.

LOL XD Usui look so gay here....This part was when Misaki tried imagining Usui's family

It's nice seeing Misaki get caught up in uncovering Usui's secret but what surprised me was Shizuko's forcefulness this episode...she's really funny XD


When Misaki thought that Usui is seeing another girl she gave that reaction...

Misaki felt kind of sad or disappointed but she still insist that she's not interested in Usui. I think Misaki still doesn't want to accept to herself that she's falling for Usui.

Usui have known from the start that Misaki and her friends have been following him so I think Usui changed his course of action because he had noticed Misaki's sad expression. Awww how nice of Usui but Misaki still treats him coldly.....

When I thought that Misaki had thrown Usui's address....

Good thing she still picked it up...is this a sign that she's considering Usui's feelings? (who knows)

I wonder why does Usui wear his glasses at home....

until then...


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