Monday, May 17, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 07


It's nice to see Misaki confused with her emotions, I really like it when she blush she's so cute ^_^. I really feel sorry for Usui since he has to kiss Yukimura so that Misaki would act naturally in front of him….don't worry Usui she's just not honest with her feelings be more patient.

The episode open up in maid latté with another event which is Glasses Day so this time, we got a glimpse of Misa-chan with glasses (This show really knows what to feed its audience…HOLY CRAP Misa-chan with glasses looks so cool and sophisticated XD). Misaki messes up at work by dropping drinking glasses and that is because she can't concentrate since she keeps remembering the kiss and also the confession of Usui. Usui then went again to the café and teases Misa-chan but Misa-chan shoves him off and blushes and she stayed away from Usui since she kept remembering what happened on the rooftop and this made Usui upset and left the café. Misaki then got a call from Sakura and went to the place where two students from their school punched someone from Miyabigaoka Academy(it is a school where the rich and famous study) and she tried to contain the situation and the student from Miyabigaoka asked for the apology of the two Seika high students but they refuse to give their apology then the Miyabigaoka guy offered that they should come to their school to apologize and if they refuse to do so they will bring the incident to their student council and the improved image of Seika High will be tarnished again.

At the student council room, Misaki is deep in her thoughts on how she'll convince the guys to apologize and then Usui showed up again and surprised Misaki and she fell to the floor. Usui offered his hand so that she could stand up but she didn't hold his hand because she gets worked up when she sees Usui. Yukimura then entered the student council room and asked someone to help him and Usui helped him carry the papers he's carrying and Yukimura thanked him and Usui said it's not a problem and kissed him and said that his gratitude will be repaid with the kiss. Misaki saw this and blushed while the shocked Yukimura turned into dust then Misaki thought that Usui is just a sexually harassing guy kissing anyone he likes and she's back to being the old Misaki again(bwahahahaha!!! Poor Yukimura he's such a soft guy and Usui kissed him no wonder he turned into dust and died. I also feel sorry for Usui, he have gone that far so that the usual Misaki would resurface again).

After school, Misaki had captured the two students that caused the ruckus the other day and they went to Miyabigaoka while Usui tags along. The two students are still against in apologizing so Misaki asked what really caused the fight. Those two was busy marvelling the chess board and pieces at a certain shop then those Miyabigaoka brats came along and brags that the store belongs to their family and says that its not a place for filth like them and he even called those guys flies (Of course a show like this(where the protagonist is a poor girl), it can't be complete without the arrogant rich bastards since they make this series more exciting. Oh how I really want to punch that Miyabigaoka guy no wonder those two Seika students punched him). Misaki's group is now in front of the arrogant Miyabigaoka guy and he asked for the two's apology but they still didn't apologize and the arrogant guy insulted them again and says that he hates brainless poor people and told them that they'll continue their conversation in the student council room and Misaki cut him off and said that she's fine with taking this issue to their student council and she doesn't mind to make this into an official issue but they(Miyabigaoka) had to apologize to them for insulting their students and causing them to punch the Miyabigaoka guy. The Miyabigaoka guy then challenged them in the game of chess and offered that if they win they will admit that Seika students are not flies. Since Misaki and even the two guys doesn't know how to play chess, Usui volunteered himself and asked that if they win the Miyabigaoka guys would have to admit that Seika's Pres is a butterfly instead of a fly (Usui really know what to say to make Misaki blush LOL). Usui, the man who could do it all, beat the Miyabigaoka guy with ease (Ugh, I wish they animated the whole game to make things more interesting with exaggerated moves to top that).

The next day, the student council of Miyabigaoka came to Seika and Igarashi, the president, apologized for the insolent behaviour of their students and said that he even recommended to their principal to expel the guy who insulted Seika but Misaki said that it's too strict and said that they(Seika) is also part of the blame so they shouldn't expel him. Igarashi then flatter Misaki by saying that the rumours are true about her being fair and thoughtful then Misaki heard students running on the hallway and became the demon president again and knocked out the student and lectured them in front of the whole Miyabigaoka student council. Misaki then realized what she's doing and stopped then Igarashi flattered her once more saying that someone so strong and beautiful is truly a dependable person and he even asked Misaki to be one of the member of Miyabigaoka's Student Council. Misaki and even the whole school was speechless and Misaki told them that she haven't heard of a student being a student council of two school then Igarashi asked her to transfer and he even offered her to have a scholarship to their school. Misaki was a bit drawn to the flattery and gentlemanliness of Igarashi and she was about to decline for the offer but Igarashi cut her off and told her that he's waiting for a favourable reply and then they left the school. At their limousine, Igarashi seems to be plotting something to Ayuzawa since he asked his Vice-President to investigate her (With Igarashi's entrance, we now have a really interesting antagonist. I really like this guy even though he bullies Misaki but he's a really interesting character I don't know what is he's real motive in harassing Misaki).

Back to the Maid Latté, there is another event which is Male Dress Day and only ladies are around (Wow, Misaki really looks handsome and she's even more sociable since her customers are ladies and she knows what they want no wonder she's a hit to the ladies. If Misaki would have been a guy she's a good competition to Usui hahaha!!! No Usui you're still the king in wooing a tsundere). Misaki is really enjoying herself in this event that she even wonder if she could keep dressing as a guy from now on and she also ponders what's the meaning of what the customers are saying like 'dominant and 'passive' and asked Usui on what those words mean. Usui then took off his shirt in front of Misaki and he said to Misaki to change too but Misaki said that she'll change after he goes home and Usui replied what's wrong with guys stripping together. Usui then got near Misaki and said "What's the matter undress already….How about I undress you Misaki-kun" and he makes a point that Misaki is still a girl and thus answering the question about what is being 'dominant' like. Misaki then got annoyed with Usui and said that she had enough of Usui making her confused and then she walks out the locker room. Back at the Miyabogaoka, Igarashi have read the files of Misaki and he seems to be plotting something.

SUGOI!!!! Next episode would be really2x interesting. There's a bit of quarrel between Misaki and Usui and Igarashi is plotting something against her and I wonder if Usui will stay save her under that circumstances (Of course he would it's Usui we're talking about) . It's really interesting how things will play out (Even though I already know what will happened….damn, sometimes I wish I didn't read the manga).

Until then…


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