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Deadman Wonderland - First Impression

Title: Deadman Wonderland
Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
42 Deadman Wonderland
Ganta Igarashi has been convicted of a crime that he hasn't committed, and sent to a new, privately owned and operated prison, where the inmates are the main attraction in a modern day twist to the gladiatorial coliseums of ancient times. Throw in a healthy dose of weird little girl, some new-found super powers, and a little conspiracy theory, and you have Deadman Wonderland.

“One Reason” by Fade

The setting of this series reminds me a lot of Battle Royale only this one it’s a lot worse. DMW is an attraction site similar to that of a theme park the only difference is this place is actually a privately owned prison and the main attraction are the prisoners who participates in different events to earn cast points (DMW's currency) to make their stay to DMW more comfortable and also to prolong their lives. Igarashi ganta is your normal middle school student until one day, a "Red Man" (with that evil smirk of his) slaughtered the entire class of Ganta. That man thrust his hands into Ganta's heart and ganta thought it’s the end of him but its only the beginning. I love how the anime version added a lot of things in the first few episodes and make the frame up of Ganta have more impact. Unlike in the manga we get to see Ganta explain things to defend himself but instead he got framed up by that fraud of a lawyer. We were even shown how people close to him punched and kicked him for the crime that he didn't do. Ganta was sentenced to death and he was sent to DMW as a death row inmate. In there he'll meet people you can't imagine exist with that kind of attitude and personality so Ganta have to grow up fast or else he'll be eaten alive in that prison which is a metaphor of the real world. He eventually found out the real reason he was sent in that kind of place so as he starts to discover his powers to control his own blood, he was sent to the real DMW and he was further plunged into a whole level of nightmare as he battle other people with similar powers and meet comrades that also want to get out of that hellish place.

Oh hell yes! From one of the best manga out there, finally we got an animated version. This is another series this season that has a promising story and unique setting that will blow your mind with its every twist and turns. I'm just a bit wary that this series won't live up to my expectations since it will only be a one cour series instead of a two cour that is more appropriate for this series. I just hope the writers won't end this series with a crappy anime original ending and hopefully we'll get a 2nd season if this series won't reach the recent material from the manga.

So far the focus is with the two main characters and in the current episode we were introduced with Kenji who has powers similar to Ganta. Ganta is very weak and a wimp when he first entered DMW but as the series moves on we began to see his transformation as he becomes a guy who could now protect himself and others. He even has a high sense of justice that make him both admirable and naïve. Then there's Shiro who is a happy-go-lucky girl who doesn't care that she's inside a jail and she claims that she's known Ganta when they were still little and that she's Ganta's friend even if Ganta claims that she doesn't know Shiro. Shiro is a very mysterious girl who always protect Ganta and sometimes made him realized a lot of things. Shiro is a breath of fresh air in the hell hole with that very positive attitude of hers and a never ending smile of hers. There's also Takami You who stole Ganta's candy when he first arrive in DMW. We eventually found out that he's keeping an eye on Ganta with the orders from promoter Tamaki in exchange for cast points. Even if that guy looks like a traitor he's actually a good guy as he try and help Ganta. We even got introduced with Senji who reminds me a lot of Kenpachi from Bleach. He's one hilarious and cool guy since even if he looks strong with that muscular body of his and he's weak against girls who have revealing clothing. Oh you'll eventually meet other awesome characters like Minatsuki who is simply badass. Oh I just can't wait for her appearance.

The animation is fine since its above average but there's nothing really special about it. The color which was mostly used in this series is dark and grayish which is very fitting for the show's atmosphere. I'm just a bit disappointed that the gore in this series is being censored unlike in the manga and by doing that they have taken the charm of this series which is the gore. The OP animation which is mostly consists of the colors black, gray and red really looks stylishly badass. We even saw promoter Tamaki with his puppets and the main guys and gals showing their skin…with how it was executed it just says its one badass show.

The OP song "One Reason" by Fade is another favorite of mine and couple it with the OP animation, I just want to bang my head with the music. The ED song "Shiny Shiny" by NIRGILIS is somehow out of place but at least it fits the stills that accompany it but watching it is a bit melancholic. Well, well Kana-chan voicing my Shiro and I'm really contented but every time Shiro opens her mouth I found myself looking at Nessa but hopefully that would go away as I erase Fractale's existence in my mind.



I definitely enjoy this series so much with its unique story and atmosphere like kill or get killed so I'm hoping they bring on more gore. Its already a violent show why not add more since it feels hmmmm lacking in that aspect…

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