Friday, May 20, 2011

Maria Holic Alive - First Impression

Title: Maria Holic Alive
Genre: Comedy

30 Maria Holic Alive
Second season of Maria Holic
"Mousou Senshi Miyamae Kanako (妄想戦士 宮前かなこ)" by Tomokazu Sugita

"Runrunriru Ranranrara (るんるんりる らんらんらら)" by Yu Kobayashi

The second season picks up where the first season have left off. Nothing much have changed this is still a gag show which is mostly focused on the battered Kanako. I know this is under the genre of comedy but I hope they touch up on some of the plot that was left behind last season like what's the significance of Kanako's rosary to Mariya's and why does both look similar. Plot aside this series is still enjoyable since the characters are very quirky and just by watching their antics you'll get a good laugh out of them. The first episode of this season is honestly weak compared to the first episode of the first season where I was hooked in an instant but as the episode goes by it gets better and better.

The characters are the same as before and so far they have not introduce new characters. I'm hoping that Shizu would have another appearance in this series since she makes things more interesting. Kanako is still the same lesbian who has a dirty mind and her every action in this series is mostly the source of the comedy specially how Mariya and Matsurika toys around with her. Sorry Kanako even though you’re the main character of this series you have been over shadowed by Mariya, Matsurika and even God.

The animation is still the same as the previous season. The animation which is your typical SHAFT is another one that adds to the humor to this series.

I wouldn't say that the OP is catchy and like what Sid said in his first look, the OP of the first season is a lot better compared to this. What the…even if the series' OP is not that catchy I wonder why do I keep singing it? Well despite that its not that catchy at least the animation that accompanied it changes every episode and somehow its also hilarious. In Ep 5 we have a new OP and still I don’t find it catchy but I definitely enjoy watching the angel Mariya in the OP. I still prefer the ED of the first season compared to this but hey I think it could still grow on me as I listen to it more.

"Dou ni Mou Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない)" by Amano Kisaki GasshouDan

Yep, this is another breather show in my list which is not plot heavy and doesn't need much concentration to watch but still enjoyable. I think I'll recommend watching the 1st season first before humping to this one 'cause first, you might get weird out by the animation if you haven't watched a SHAFT show and second you'll have to get used to the characters first or else their action in this second season would not make sense to you.

Until then…

~ ja

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