Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! - 21 Quick Post

Lol I skipped ep 20 just to proceed on this one and I think that's fine since ep 20 is a filler episode

At last! Shintani made an appearance already. I've been waiting for him ever since the number of episodes in Maid-sama reached 2 digits. I wonder what J.C. Staff plans on him but I hope he will get enough development since this series is near the end of it's run

A really hilarious episode. Before we got a Oni president but now a super saiyan prez XD

Misaki's onigiri (rice balls) really reminds me of Hikari's onigiri in Special A. Their onigiri are really not fit for humans to eat...

But there are still some brave people who dared to eat those baseball onigiri and I salute you
Well, you cannot really classify those people as normal humans XD

Now, I really appreciate Kanou's character since he points out Misaki's feelings that she's not ready to admit yet. He even dared to ask Usui about it...

Hah! Usui finally has a worthy rival and they both have contrasting personalities. Usui is not very direct and as for Hinata...

He's not ashamed to admit his feelings for Misaki and still look cool at the same time.

Which provides the same results...

5 more episodes to go...I hope there will be a season 2. I'll honestly gonna miss Misaki...

Hey btw why did Misaki lost in Saimoe already?? Nevertheless I'm still rooting for her!

until then...


*edit: sorry guys it's actually 26 eps..

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