Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Impressions: Shiki, Strike Witches 2



If you followed my response on Sid's comment on twitter, you might have thought that I already dropped this series because of the negative comments it received but I'm a bit glad that I still tried to watch it.

The first thing I noticed in this series is it's character design. It's honestly distracting specially the pointy hair and faces and let's not forget the eyes which has very bright irises. Nevertheless, as the episodes progresses, it just keeps getting more interesting and engaging since the horror is there and we don't know what we're up against here. The body count just keeps on piling up every episode and we have a clue on who is probably the one who's killing the victims but I think that the writers won't be giving away the mystery away that easy or else it'll ruin the only saving grace of this series. The characters are downright annoying and I hope I get used to them. The OP and ED song is not worth mentioning because I find it mediocre.

Overall, I don't really have high expectations to this series now that I've watched a couple of episodes but I still intend to finish it to the end since the story and the mystery has a lot of potential. I just hope that I would enjoy the mystery and horror that the series promise to deliver or else it's a automatic drop.

Strike Witches 2


It's been a while since I last saw the girls of Strike Witches and I'm glad to see them again on HD. Honestly, the only improvements I noticed is the animation and the action that was really engaging. In the animation department, I'm amazed that AIC was able to make 3D fit with the 2D and let's not forget the girl's underwear which is now below their waist. I have to admit that in terms of it's fanservice, this series is quite innovative. In season one they removed the pants/skirts and now on it's second season, they decreased the size of the underwear. I think in the future season of Strike Witches they will eventually remove the underwear to further improve the fanservice but I hope that won't happen.

This second season has a chance to mend the flaws of the first season so I hope they focus the story on the battle against the neuroi than to the mindless side stories like shopping for supplies. It has a lot of potential specially the nicely animated battles so I hope in the hands of AIC they would finally make use of that and also I hope they write a more decent plot since so far I'm not liking the monster of the week format. Well, I still plan on finishing this one and I'll continue hoping that it'll improve and if not I'll just hope that it'll be able to entertain me.

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