Friday, April 23, 2010

Vampire Knight Bonus Night - Juuri-sama please kick me too!! XD

Scans courtesy of SGK

Awww….how heart warming I really enjoyed reading this side story of VK. Oh btw don't continue reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

This side story is all about why chairman Cross loves taking pictures. This story started with the Kiryuu twins asking chairman Cross why he likes taking pictures then chairman Cross then muse over his past. Now I know why chairman was called a vampire without fangs, it is because he has a unusual amount of vampire genetic materials in him. While he was hunting vampires he encountered Juuri and attacked her saying this like he will kill all vampires so that his curse would end with them. Juuri tried to explain to him that she was there to kill that vampire who's hunting in Isaya's territory but chairman won't stop so Juuri gave him her "Pure Blood Kick of Doom". With that Juuri didn't knocked him out but at least he stopped attacking and Juuri could talk to chairman and Haruka came to the scene. Then we go back to the scene where chairman was explaining all those things to the Kiryuu twins and he even said that there, he found love at first sight. So the reason why chairman loves taking pictures is because when the time he had realized that he had so many pictures of himself making unpleasant faces and yet his precious ones died without leaving a single photo of them.

I'm now going into 'Kyaa!!' 'Kyaa!!' fangirl mode with random rumblings…….

OMG!!! Does that mean that during their(Juuri, Cross etc.) generation there is a probable love quadruple with JuurixHarukaxRidoxCross????? Oh I want more stories about those four. I'm really surprised and thankful that Juuri and Haruka made an appearance in this bonus chapter since I like their story in the previous bonus chapter. Juuri is just so hot no wonder all those guys are after her :))

I really like the part when chairman and Juuri met. It's really funny specially the part when Juuri said that Kaien must be dumb to think that he would try to catch a super young girl like her. Then Kaien said "Ha??!! Young girl but what age are you?" then Haruka arrived and asked with a smiling face "do you any complaints against my wife?" Juuri and Haruka have some cute loveydovey moments while Kaien was left at the corner being ignored. So…chariman Cross is as emo as Zero before….hahaha!!! Step father just like step son....How adorable I hope I get to see more of their stories later on.

Love it Hino-sensei….thank you so much :D

Oh btw I already saw the raw and summary of VK 60…all I could say is awesome!!!! It has a lot of sexy scenes XD...Though I hope that Zero stop his emo attitude and go kiss and show his love to Yuuki . I didn't like it that he carried Yuuki like she is a sack T_T when she was injured like that. Now I'm torn between Zero and Kaname I don't know who to support. I originally like ZeroxYuuki pairing but Zero is making things more difficult by being so darn bitter to the world. Kaname on the other hand….I'm starting to feel sorry for him because of what he had endure when Yuuki didn't have her memories. I know….I'll be YuukixZeroxKaname fan from now on. Whoever gets Yuuki's hand, I will certainly support him.

Can't wait for VK60 to be scanlated!!!

Until then…


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