Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saya no Uta review

Rating A-

I liked Saya no Uta. The story was much better and interesting than that of games such as Bazooka Cafe or Come See Me Tonight. However, it was also its flaw. The game spent too much of its short playing time on the two main characters, which left little room to develop the other characters, especially the psycho doctor and Saya's "father". By time the story reached its climax, I was left wondering whether I was playing a thriller game or a paranormal one. Yea sure the characters aren't saints, but it could've been much better if the occult side was developed much more, because it was the occult references that gave the thriller aspects of the story its bite.

For me, the best part of the story was when the truth began to unravel and Saya's nature was being disclosed to the player. The investigation of the secret cellar was its high point, as well as the moment when the doctor destroys the strange artifacts Ougai left behind. That scene just sent messages of "Danger" but unfortunately, this was not sufficiently continued to the end of the story.

I could say that Saya no Uta is a rather twisted tale of how people adjust to their mental state. Clearly, the protagonist is insane. As he said, Saya became the last vestige of sanity that remained, and I doubt that any of us would react differently if we found ourselves in the same situation. The story is in itself, insane. But of course, in an insane world, the only sane way to understand is to join in the insanity.

The Ero scenes weren't anything special. I didn't have any real interest in Saya's nakedness because I've seen better ero scenes in other games. However, I must say that even the ero scenes of this game is full of insanity. That, coupled with the overall atmosphere of the game would get into your head if you stick with it for a while.

Saya no Uta is a short game. You could play it in one sitting. It is not as memorable as the games I gave an A+ rating, but as far as enjoyment factor goes, it's quite an entertaining ride. Play this if you want a twisted tale, or if you just want something to burn 3-4 hours of your time. In any case, this is worth a try.


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