Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaicho wa Maid-sama - 02


This time we’re having a school festival and class 2-2 is still not able to submit a decent proposal to Misa-chan and as expected she was on demon mode again and keeps on rejecting every proposal by the guys of class 2-2. If I were a guy I would have gotten pissed at Misaki because of her being biased with the girls. Sure I like Misa-chan ruling the school with an iron fist because it keeps the hard-headed guys in line but if she won’t listen to them and if she keeps that man-hater attitude then most of the school population won’t listen to her. Thank goodness she was able to overcome that in this episode because of manager Satsuki’s speech, Honoka and of course Usui’s help. Speaking of Honoka, I really find her irritating sometimes in the manga because she acts all cute and nice but sometimes dark Honoka’s comments are quiet harsh but I got to admit that because of her criticizing Misaki, Misaki was able to improve her character.

J.C. Staff sure gave us a lot of Misaki eye candy in this episode and I expect more in the future episodes. There are a lot of Misaki moe moe moments just like the previous episodes so I can’t blame the three idiots for visiting the Café Latte every day.

Overall I would say that I’ve enjoyed yet again this episode of Maid-sama and I think it is a really good adaptation so far since it is very loyal to the manga with just a little addition to it to improve the material from the manga but I do think that the manga version of Misaki is hotter than the anime version. I wonder if they would continue to animate this a chapter for an episode because if that would continue I can see season 2 coming.

Oh btw I got carried away so I’ve uploaded more screen shots than usual XD..

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