Friday, March 18, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Wallpaper Dump

If Madoka will have a sequel and if it’ll be brought to the big screen I’ll probably go to Japan just to watch it….haha! just joking. Even if I’ll go to Japan, I won’t understand the movie since there’s no subs

Well since Madoka won’t be airing this week and I feel that we’ll be having withdrawal because we won’t have our usual dose of dark mahou shoujo….I’ll post some awesome wallpapers that I’ve found on the net so that somehow it’ll alleviate your Madoka cravings for even just a bit.

According to the forum in MAL:
Urobuchi Gen announced in his twitter that there is nothing to worry about the airing of the remaining two episodes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica. He said the quality of the episode 11 would be unsatisfactory if it were aired on March 17th. The work rooms of SHAFT have been messed up by the earthquake and they have spent significant period of time in cleaning up the rooms. The recent episodes of Madoka Magica have been completed a few hours before the airing time, so Urobuchi felt relieved to hear about the postponement.

Source: Urobuchi's twitter

If that’s the case then I won’t complain anymore since I would prefer Madoka to be posponed than be disappointed if I’ll watch it this week but my expectations have sky rocketed again so I’m hoping it’ll be as epic as the previous episodes or better. Well you know the record of SHAFT, they suck with deadlines but still I respect them for making awesome shows. *hands down*

Most of the wallpapers posted here were found from Konachan

Looking at the wallpapers, I envy the artist since I want to draw something like that too. Ok *crunch knuckles* time to practice drawing again, I really lack practice because of school and stuff but now, I have the time so I’ll go practice ^_^…wish me luck…

until then…


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