Thursday, November 4, 2010

Otome Youkai Zakuro - 05 Quick Post

I've got a feeling that Lt. Hanadate is the guy wearing the mask in the OP animation. Being captured by the Black Widow this episode was just a farce so that viewers would think he's innocent. Well, that's just a speculation so don't blame me if that's not the case ;))

Haha!! Now Agemaki has competition with Handate. Don't worry Agemaki, Zakuro likes you too she's just flirting with Hanadate to make you jealous *wink*

I am so willing to wait...I was not disappointed XD

Nope, you look stunning. Just look at Agemaki gawking at you

Wrong choice of words....serves you right :))

A jealous Agemaki is really fun to watch XD

Another 'awwww' moment from my favorite pairing. I hope I we get to see them more in the future episodes

Well, well Agemaki sure can look heroic once in a while

"She's so powerful and yet she's trembling with such small shoulders" -Agemaki. Of course you idiot, she's also a girl nevertheless, 10pts for comforting Zakuro

Honestly, I can't get enough of the song that Hozuki and Bonbori sang in this scene. I kept singing it even at school warranting a weird look from my classmates :)) I wish I know the romanji lyrics of that song...

Ganryuu was really thoughtful this episode

And he was rewarded...
Bonbori looks gorgeous and deadly in that pose but too bad she's weak when Hozuki can't help her

Now we we're able to see a glimpse of Hozuki and Bonbori's powers. It's really beautiful but I still like Suzukihotaru's power

Something doesn't add up with the spider lady's actions. It seems like her only purpose was to confuse Zakuro

Poor Zakuro, she's messed up with what that spider lady said. Errrr what a cliff hanger..

until then...


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