Friday, November 12, 2010

Ore no Imouto - 05 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
I love how the one who subbed this episode added the title of the characters (see screencaps below), it was quiet hilarious. Kudos to Afroman

My overall mood in this episode is best described as annoyed....

Now that's what a call a true friend *sarcasm*

I take back my words on my last post of Oreimo. I can't believe that Ayase has a psychotic side oh my what a let down...

You know Ayase, if your really Kirino's best friend you'll accept her for what she is.

Kirino is getting on my nerves. She wants Kyouske's help when she's in trouble and now he's offering his help and she slaps it in his face. What a very ungrateful brat.

You know, all you have to do is be honest

Now, I know where Kirino got her tsundere attitude

Exactly, Kyouske has taken the words right out of my mouth

Are you an idiot? The manga, anime and eroge loving Kirino is the real Kirino...

What a unique and funny analogy :))

And again Kirino wants to make Kyouske fix her mess and look what happened...

Oh my, please don't go in that path. I have my limits too and if Oreimo would cross the line and enter the land of incest, I will surely drop this show

Exactly my reaction in the scene above...

Orange (オレンジ) by Ayana Taketatsu
Nothing really special in this song but the stills that accompanied that was really beautiful

until then...


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